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2001-11-08 23:14:07 (UTC)


Geez~ i dont feel very good at all. :( Everyone pray that i will be
better by this weekend! At lesat my teeth are normal now! The dentist
took out the stiches and he said that they are all the way healed now-
yay! I went running today- it was so nice out, and god, i love to
just got out jogging not knowing where I'm going, and just think
about stuff. Its weird, I know. I also went driving for the first
time in Peoria today. Kelly was sick, and Caitlin had to babysit so I
went cruisin by myself in P-town. I went to Glen Oak park and took
pictures of people--lol-- I'm such a loser, but I am a realy good
photographer. My mom said i get it from her because she always went
places and took pictures when she was pregnant with me On my way home
i stopped by the HS too and I did some drawing, and it is actually a
really good drawing! When i got home my mom was making food, and i
didnt' want to eat, so she sent me out to lindys- ughhh. Anyways, now
i really should be treadmilling, but i feel sick, so i think i'll
just go rest. Hopefully I'll be able to get some kind of sleep
tonight too. The last couple of nights i haven't been able to sleep
cuz I have always been too excited for the weekend- hehe. I get to go
shopping in Bloomington, get my hair done (any ideas???), and have a
girls night out with my buds. AND~ i get to see Kevin.


PS~ to whom this may concern (kevin--hehe): I know now that you like
me, I was just asking Mary before if u did because I just wanted to
make sure. Then we ended up having that beautiful phone and online
convo and now there's no doubt in my mind. :)

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