Tell it as it is!
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2001-11-08 23:10:36 (UTC)

so much to tell, so little time

I start off with good intentions of updating this regularly
and here I am playing catch up already. So much seems to
have happened - yet it's not really a lot - just things I
want to capture.

Just over a week ago I felt what people describe as your
heart overflowing with love. I had put G in bed and
thought she had fallen asleep. I leant forward, in the
dark, to check that her eyes were tightly closed (her
breathing was very quiet and regular so I thought it was
safe) and as I leant forward two little arms reached up and
grabbed me around my neck and she gave me a huge hug. Even
just thinking about it makes me go all tingly. I love her
so much!

On Friday we had a day out with the other babies and I
realised just what a little person she has turned into. We
still refer to them as babies but they're not - they are
little people! We went to a toy sale that was a complete
waste of time and then headed off to the fun factory so the
kids could run round and we could have a quiet cup of
coffee. All was going well until G banged her head - it
must have been hard because she was crying and holding her
head and then the black bruise came up. She was still very
brave though and was soon running around again (although a
little more cautiously). We then sat down to have dinner
and she was pefect. The others were messy or slow or
having tantrums and she just ate her dinner, laughed and
played with Emily beside her and drank most of her coke
through a straw (much to everyone else's amazement).
Rather than heading off home, myself, Anne and Susanne went
off to Notcutts to look at all the Xmas decorations - it
was brilliant. G seemed to have a good time and she walked
around the shop so brilliantly - again the others were
amazed because she didn'r run off. They were missing
though when she lay down in the middle of the floor and
cried and cried (I think you would call it a temper
tantrum). Once we had bought some maltesers to keep her
quiet we went to have another coffee and we commandeered a
corner of the coffee shop so the children could play. It
is the first real time I have seen Georgia interacting
properly with other children. She encouraged Alisanne and
Luke to join her running around the room and I even saw her
hug Alisanne! As we were by the pet department we took
them to see the animals - she was fascinated by the rabbits
and mice but got most excited by all the fish. She can say
fish now and was almost jumping in excitement! it was a
job to drag her out of there having wandered around for the
best part of half an hour.

The following day was 3rd Nov and we took her Aldborough
were we sat on the beach eating fish and chips (G had
sausage and chips - what else?) It did cross my mind that
we were confusing her - one day I am showing her brightly
coloured fish in a tank, the next I am asking her if she
wants some fish to eat! When do I try to explain this.
Then Sat night we went off to the local firework display
where again she watched the fireworks, a little cautiously
to begin with and then started to shout 'bang' and do
twinkle, twinkle with her hands! She was so tired though
that she slept through most of Susannes cheese and wine
party afterwards.

There is lots to talk about yet - exams, christmas, the
saga of G's house but that can wait for tommorrow!