Michael Through Time

The Mad Scientist's Notebook
2001-11-08 23:01:44 (UTC)

Yeah Yeah

After a nice sabattical thanks to my trip to london I'm
back to work. If you notice the official launch date of my
site is December 1st, 2001. It would be a nice Christmas
present if everything goes as planned.
Two new poems are up, one of them is "Justin" which came
from my trip to London. It is truly the saddest poem I've
ever written. If it doesn't make you want to cry, you
definitely are tougher then I am.
"Song of Storms" is probably my third best poem ever in my
view (maybe 4th now) but it has a nice tempo.
I'm doing my first reading on the 23rd and my second ever
reading. I may book a small mini Windsor tour. You never
know. People might just think I'm good after all...lol.
On a lighter note, I made a fool out of myself on Radio
Kaos. It was great. I actually did I'm a little teapot in
front of the computer lab. Ah well, I got beer out of it.
So Ha!
Things are going great and now I'm off to pursue food...so
later gators...
The Mad Scientist