What's up now?
2001-11-08 22:52:39 (UTC)


Yeah :) Thursday has FINALLY come!!! Except I have a test
tomorrow, and I am scared shitless! And I scheduled my
final for my Music class....I dont exactly go to
class...see I'm not even registered. I just take the exam,
and if I pass...I get credit!!! Good deal, except I have
to study a lot this weekend to make sure I am ready and
know what to expect! Oh and Saturday I am going to
Detroit :) yea!!! I cant wait :) woo!!! But the rest of
the weekend is going to be study study :)
Question? What and how do you talk to someone if they are
doing something you dont agree with, and just know thre is
a HUGE possibility that they could get hurt? Its hard, but
I love and care for the person SO much!!!! All other
aspects of life are good to go :) Its been smooth saililg
since the weekend :) yea!! I'm ready for another nice
weekend...with lots of work...damn! Yea! I get good
dinner tonight :) Yea for Erin's Brother living in
town :) WOO!!!!