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2001-11-08 22:49:34 (UTC)

An Early Air Of Christmas

I am back again, and I'm very cold. I am sat beside my
small bedroom heater, warming myself up. It has been
freezing cold all day; bitter. I was only outside at
lunchtime for approximately five minutes and I
completely froze. This morning I thought it would be quite
sunny, so I chose to wear some cream coloured jeans, a
purple, tight, thinnish jumper, and my usual denim jacket.
Well I was half correct: it was extremely sunny. Sunny of
the 'bright' kind. But it was absolutely freezing. It's
cold enough for snow, but I doubt very much that that will
happen. If Newport does have snow however, it will probably
be like last year; not the powdery type of snow that is
seen in large amounts on stereotypical Christmas pictures,
but the kind of snow that is icy and solid, that you can
hardly touch, let alone make a snowman out of it.
Last night I was so worried about Chris. I miss him so
much. He sent me some messages earlier today, and he is
very very ill :( I think it may be the same thing I had in
September; swollen glands and headaches etc. I love him to
bits and I hate it when he is ill.
Back to my day. I had four lessons of psychology this
morning, then a media lesson, another fifty minute lesson
of psychology, and one of sociology. At least I wasn't
carting folders around today. Hayley, Rachel and I have
been trying to figure out what to do about our media
project. We need a dark corridor to film in, and we have to
film in school in the daytime. Hmm. However, the most
important part is finding two guys to act in it! I suppose
we shall sort it out soon enough.
I came home this afternoon as usual, and as soon as I
stepped out of the warm building, my legs completely and
utterly resorted to sheer cubes of ice. So did my hands. I
think it is time to dog out the gloves and scarves. After a
small snack, as I wasn't that hungry today, and watching my
daily revolting installments of Jerry Springer, I went to
the nearby shopping estate to buy my youngest sister Nadine
a birthday present, as it is her ninth birthday tomorrow. I
looked around a few shops and found her a nice gift. I
can't wait to start my Christmas shopping! I have a rough
idea of what to get people. The shops are full of Christmas
decorations and gifts already, and it is only early
november! Though what is annoying, is when I look for
perfect party clothes around the main town centre, cannot
find anything suitable, then find every perfect dream party
top, skirt and pair of trousers under one roof, under
the 'Christmas Party' section! hehe Hayley, Rachel,
Bridget, myself and a few more of us are going to go into
John Frost Square, the main part of our Town Centre, to
watch the Christmas lights being turned on. It is going to
be heaving with crowds, but it'll be fun. :) Apparently our
mayor was on breakfast TV, competing against other town
mayors, to win a celebrity to turn on their town's
Christmas lights. And our mayor won! I don't think it is a
well-known celebrity though. Well, we'll all just have to
see :)
It began to get dark extremely early today; early like five
o'clock. And when you are walking past brightly lit shop
windows in the dark, full of tinsel and model Christmas
trees and miniature Santas, it really feels like Christmas.
But a month is so long away!! I love the atmosphere. Oh
That is basically all that happened today. After returning
home, and watching another 'I slept with your Grandad' dose
of Jerry while having a cup of tea, I retired to my bedroom
to come online and talk to my baby Chris :) And that is
where I have been all evening.
I really should make my diary entries longer. But I hope to
go to bed now, after a drink, so I really should end this
entry. I shall be back tomorrow to write something
hopefully more exciting than what I have come up with

Love & Beauty,
Dani Clare