Blood and Chocolate
2001-11-08 22:36:30 (UTC)

I hurt my bum

HEY everyone
Sup ? Not much here . today was I don't know . I am like
super tired !!!! Ahhh ! and I have choir tonight ! OK in
spanish we got back our quizes we took !!!! YIKES! boy did
I do crappy ! Wow I failed !!!! I was really mad!!!!! Then
at lunch oh my heart , the people in child psych got to
bring a little kid under the age of 6 in to school to spend
the whole day with them !!!!! ahhhh ! the lil kids were so
cute !!!!!! my friend Steve brought this little girl he
used to babysit !! oh my heart ! She was the cutest thing
ever !!!!ahhh ! She was african american and oh my heart so
beautiful ! She is 4 and such a cutie ! He had me watch her
for a little bit in the hallway and she was like " are you
steveys girl ?" and I was like " haha, no ." and she was so
cute !! Steve came back and she was like " I want to
stay ! " haha ! steve was like "I know Marissa's cool but
we have to go play some games ! " and she was like " ok Bye
bye!" !!!!! ahhh ! She was so adorable !!!!! I know who I
am bringin in for when I have to do that in child psych !
Either Malachi (4) or JZ ( 2 lil girl . african american ,
Oh my heart so cute !) !!!! haha ! I can't wait haha ! I
gave Michelle and Katie their Pep Bags today !! they loved
em !!! hehe ! I was glad they liked them ! They are two
really cool friends of mine !! They rock ! Seriously they
are so sweet ! Oh it was so funny in ummm 7th hour we were
supposed to be out in the hall reading !!! hah ! I don't
think we got much done out there !! We were like super
hyper and I threw my pop bottle over next to Michelle cause
these other girls were like staring at me and I went to go
sit next to Michelle and David went to get my pop and I
love my Diet coke ! so I like ran to get it and dove on
it !! haha ! I hurt my bum though ! lol !!!!! it was pretty
funny !! and then my friend Grant showed up and was like "
watch this " and he climbed inside his locker!!! LOL ! Eddy
got him out but it was some funny stuff !LOL ! It was alot
of fun !!! then my "mom" (haha ms.Tilma she walks around
and checks the halls to see if people are skipping classes
and stuff! She is the nicest lady in the world ! I call her
mom ! She is my friend Ericka's mom but she loves me !
haha ! so she calls me her daughter at school ! cause
ericka goes to northern and I go to Central ! ) but anyways
my "mom" came over and started talking with us ! She didn't
care we were screwing around ! haha ! It was so funny she
stopped and talked with us and yea she is a sweet heart !
I think that is about it !!!!!! So I gotta bounce !