Electric monkey
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2001-11-08 22:27:13 (UTC)

10-08-01[^#%[email protected]!&*([email protected]$(!([email protected]#%!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

nifty title huh?
well, thats about how i feel. im waiting on graham to get
here at the moment. and just hoping whatever he has to say
to me bout my musical choices isnt too harsh. and he says
he has something for me. not sure what that could be
exactly. guess ill find out here in a little bit.
Jessica wore a hanson shirt today. it was very cool of her
to bust it out. i couldnt stop smiling. untill graham came
up, and was in a sad/bad mood. then i was sad too. but
never mind that.
ive got too much going on right now. and i want to go hide
in a cave. yep. thatd probably be better im sure.
i have false feelings. = dont know if thats good or bad.
cause i know how i feel, and i dont want to say exactly
that cuase id probably really hurt some people, and thats
no good, right? geez..
jesus, i wish i could just go off sometimes, and not care.
too bad i do care. it would be fun, and i wouldnt have to
bottle it up and feel like "^&*******&#@$^#@%@$&*^#$" that.
dang it.
listening to music.. thats about it.
jesus, "whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhy." gr.. now ive went
and put myself in a pissy mood, just thinking about things
that are in my mind. i need to move away and never come
back. California, or Washington [seattle] sound good. maybe
a little cabin in the middle of nowhere in Montana. where i
dont have to have contact with stupid ass people that i
dont feel like dealing with. plus id be my little hermit
self, and have a little garden for food, and a pet cow,
monkey, and wallaby. plus cats and dogs, [lil un's] and
yeah. they'd be my family. im sure theyd be great. who
needs people?! *pppfffttt* not me. hehehehehhe.
i think ill go now. graham should be here soon. gots to see
what hes all sad about. *sigh* =(
goodbye jesus freaks.