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2001-11-08 22:06:44 (UTC)

This is screwed up

Hey well i still like kevin but i also like this guy from
tx he went to my church well his name is josh well neways
so my soon to be step dad's ex wife is trying to sew him
and she turned tricia and colleen totally against him and
omg this is all screwed up she told him that she didnt care
if he had to live in a tent as long as he pays her 300 on
top of the 1000 hes already giving her for child suport and
thats like 2 weeks pay cheek and then my half brothers dad
is sending his support checks to tx cuz he moved to cali
and his mom is supose to give it to the judge to send to my
mom and she keeps takin to pay off her bills well he is
1000 behind on child suport and on top of all that he might
hae goten his friends girl friend pregnant cuz his friend
cant get her pregnant and my mom all like well maybe he
will take care of that kid and ohhhhhhhhhhh i am so pissed
well i want to go out with kevin ness god he is hot well i
gasta jet-------------------------

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