2001-11-08 21:35:30 (UTC)

My Horoscope for November 8th, 2001 also

Thursday, November 8, 2001
You probably won't be all that eager to compromise today
and may just prefer to be off enjoying some little
adventure of your own. But if you find yourself feeling an
increased desire for independence right now, you could end
up having to deal with a few misunderstandings before the
day is through.

Thursday, November 8, 2001
Work matters should really be dominating your agenda today.
Even though you might wish that you could spend a little
more time by yourself, you'll probably be presented with a
few professional challenges that will keep you pretty busy
right now. Just try to hold off on making too many major
decisions if you can.

ok, so mine is still weird, but no cross-sign coincidences

I still love her and that is very bad for me. As it gets
closer to xmas break it gets stronger in my mind cause of
how we got together last year. Imagery like when I picked
her up at the mall and hung out, at the Seaview graveyard,
and New Years in Halifax embraced on the sidewalk
enthralled for almost an hour.... Got to fight these out
of my head. These memories only hurt me now because I know
that only I care about them - only I am emotionally still
attached to them to the point of longing for a return -
painful painful stuff now..... I got to stop this.