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2001-11-08 20:17:33 (UTC)

Alter-Ego II

don't eat that.

why not?

because it's bad for you. don't eat it, you'll get fat.

fuck that. i'm hungry, and i'm REALLY craving this egg

you'll feel terrible about yourself afterwards.

no i won't. i'll enjoy it to the last bite and i'll feel very
satisfied and happy.

pft. bullshit.

besides, i can always go running later.

you know you won't. you'll sit around and watch Friends
and fuck around on your computer.

are you here to ruin everything for me?

i don't know, am i?

i asked you first.

you tell me. i'm not here by choice. you know why i'm
here, nobody else does. this is so typical of you.

what's that supposed to mean?

you create problems for yourself, and then you act so
utterly bewildered as to why they're there. as Magnito
once said, "why do you ask questions to which you
already know the answers?"

but i don't know the answer.

yes you do, because i do. if i do, then you have to.
haven't you seen Fight Club like three hundred times?

yeah, so?

so think about it. at the end, when they're in the building
and it's about to blow up. what did edward norton figure

shut up.

i'm serious. you asked, i'm trying to explain.

so i should shoot myself in the mouth. is that what
you're saying?

hey, whatever floats your boat. but it won't fix anything.
this isn't a movie.

no. this is a goddam conversation going on inside my

that's so much worse.

i know!

so you know. what's your fucking point? stop wasting
time arguing with the intangible voices in your head,
which YOU put there, and get off your ass and do your
homework!! you have like five western civ chapters to