2001-11-08 20:07:25 (UTC)

Backhanded Compliment

what i love so much about this journal is that i don't feel
pressured to make it sound good. for me it's basically a
haphazard placement of words and phrases that in
some strange way summarize how i feel at the
moment, and when strung together don't make much
sense to anyone but me. the titles of the entries usually
have nothing whatoever to do with the entries
themselves. they're just titles.

i think i put too much faith in my horoscope. i scrutinize
it every day for meanings and symbolism, but the truth
is that you can find meaning in anything if you look hard
enough. take today for example. "an opponent fears you
so much as to make things difficult for you." of course,
there will always be opponents, they will always be
afraid of you, and they will always try to make things
difficult. it's part of life, it's part of existing. it comes with
the territory. however this was SO meaningful to me
because at the moment, in addition to the usual
opponents who try to ruin my life, one of my best friends
is currently doing the same thing. so there you go.