le soleil et la lune
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2001-11-08 18:47:48 (UTC)

something unlike me

I'm proud of myself. I did something completely irrational
today, something completely unplanned. Casey walked in to
Clary's class and was like, does anyone want to skip and go
shopping, and out of no where I heard myself say, hell
yeah! and walking on auto-pilot out of the room.

Casey put in an application at Old Navy while we were out.
It would be very exciting if she got the job. She'd
probably have had a better chance if she walked in and
didn't know any of us South kids there, b/c I think they're
getting tired of everyone being from here. She ran a red
light on the way home, and for some reason we couldn't stop

Downsides to today- my mother is home, so if they call I'm
in trouble. I probably should have signed out as sick or
something. Actually, I really don't feel all that great.
I think I'm getting strep again. Anyway, I think that I
can deal with an unexcused absense. Too bad some other
people didn't come with us!

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