Squeeb's world
2001-11-08 18:44:00 (UTC)


My stupid computer desk was broken today and so I used one
of the methods I am fond of- violence- the hammer is a
girl's best friend- lol! But it still didn't work so little
miss calm Kim took it apart and fixed it for me- yay! I
think I'd suffer withdrawal. So meanwhile S is online but as
I am trying to fix it so I can actually get to my keyboard,
he goes off. Damn! I wanna know how his appointment went! I
want to know if he is practicing with the Petes- hell, I
just want to talk to him. That and I think I dislocated my
wrist again in the process- stupid me! Oh well, hopefully
he'll be on later. I want/need to talk to him again. That's
my speil for now.

Current mood: irked
Current music: "What It's Like to Be Me"- Britney Spears
(background vocals= Justin Timberlake (= )