Cynical Optimist

Rain Into a Paper Cup
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2001-11-08 18:42:58 (UTC)

Interrupted nap

Privacy. Oh, how I miss that! Yes, I realize that
that prolly sounds like a really weird statement for someone
who keeps a public diary, but nonetheless I miss it. To
suddenly go from having my own room to sharing a room with
two other people (and two more girls that have to walk
through our room to get to theirs....oh, the joys of the
city) is quite a change! We're all still trying to figure
out how to live with people that we still don't' actually
know very well, and it can be stressful. There's something
so reassuring about the idea that you can go somewhere and
shut a door and be left alone, if that's what you want. No,
that's not at all what I always want, but every once in a
while it would be nice. For example, trying to take a
nap....hah! Forget it! I'm somewhat blessed in that once
I'm really asleep I can sleep through almost anything, but
the converse of that is that it's harder to really fall
asleep sometimes. I'm taking 17 credits this semester and
working, so it can really get out of hand. But I'm up now,
and realize the futility of trying to sleep between classes;
my best bet would be to go into the closet....and don't
think that it's not tempting sometimes!
I called the Jane Street Theatre last night and left a
message with the person in charge of volunteer ushering.
I've no clue as to how long the wait is, but I'm hoping that
I'll be able to usher for "tick, tick…BOOM!" before it
closes. I really want to see it again, but I don't have a
lot of money to spend, plus Raul Esparza has left the cast,
only to be replaced by Joey McIntyre! Um!! I'm not going to
pay to see him. I should give him a chance, and I must
admit that I'm curious, but I'm afraid of what might be
happening to the show! I'm going on Saturday to sign up for
Cabaret, though, so I will be seeing Raul on stage again
Since I'm up, I might as well spend some more time
going over my notes before class. Not very exciting, but
I'll appreciate it later.

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