I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2001-11-08 18:34:47 (UTC)


'Allo. My mouth hurts. Don't go thinking in the gutter,
it's because my stress manifests itself in my jaw, it's not
from too much of doing something. Well, anyway, it's
painful and it hurts. I have to go see doctor after doctor
to get it fixed. Plus they put me on a liquid only diet.
Can you say boring? *sigh* I'm tired, but good. My sister
is coming home this weekend, yay!! So happy. Erin is also
starting to talk to me again. Oh yes, I got a part time
job, did I tell 'ya? Well, I repeat myself all the time, so
if I've said this already, too bad, it's my journal, I'll
say it again. :) I'm helping a friend of mine appraise
property value. I'm the driving fool who drives all over
the area getting comparison pictures. I drove 154.3 miles
the other day. It was long. But he's paying for mileage, so
that's good. My mouth hurts a lot. I hope this doctor can
see me. I keep getting shifted from doc to doc. No fun.
Just fix me and let me get on with my life!!! More later.