Sarah Michelle

Sarah Michelle
2001-03-21 21:10:45 (UTC)

I am so freaking proud of..

I am so freaking proud of myself! I ended up talking to my
friend Andrea yesterday before I called Wes back, she never
said anything that helped me but she made me relize that
something is missing between Wes and I. I figured it out
too. He doesn't make me feel like he used to. It's not the
stuff he say's to me, it's what he doesn't say. I told him
about it last night and he totally understood and
apologized...he actually meant that he was sorry too! He
said that he thought we were at the point where he didn't
have to say stuff like he loves me and that sort of stuff.
Don't you always have to say that though? I mean, even if
you know that the other person loves you, shouldn't you
still say it anyways? Sure you know they love you but it
just reassures you that they do. Plus is feels good to hear
it!! (and hopefully say it!)
Tomorow I get my wisdom teeth taken out. UGH! All four! I'm
only fourteen! I shouldn't have them come in yet! Jeez!
My cousin was trying to oscare me by telling me that I will
get all bruised on the I really care! I mean
come on! I have still have the rest of Spring Break to
Well nothing much to say! Chow..or as Andrea say's..CHAO!