hello kitty cat
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2001-11-08 17:30:07 (UTC)


So I think I'm going to make this private...I'm not sure
why...Yeah so I'm really worried that I'm sick...I'm going
to the doctor today...I'm worried that it's not just
something you can take antibiotics to get over...I've been
feeling like skata lately...Oh well yeah...Well not much is
going on...I was thinking about Joselin and Sam today..I
really hope they work out..and it's weird because I caught
myself trying to piss of Sam so he wouldn't like me...I
tend to try and find thinks that bother me about the person
if I can't have them..or if they don't work when
Jason and I broke up..that's what I did...I think it worked
with Sam..but I still get a little jealous...I mean either
way...I want them to be happy but sometimes I get
jealous ...I mean he DID say the ONE person I wouldn't ever
have to worry about is Joselin..and he told me that he
wasn't even attracted to her in any way..and he was just couldn't be like that...Well what
changed!? It makes you think....
I wonder who I "don't have to worry about" with Jason...?!