*blank stare*
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2001-11-08 16:55:52 (UTC)


GRRRRRR I'm almost frusterated enough to see red. Just
got off the phone with Tiff, and it turns out we can't go
to Florida until the middle of January, 2 weeks later than
originally planned, because Joe, the guy we're moving in
with, has some other prick with him right now who he's
kicking out but wont be gone till then. So now instead of 7
weeks, the countdown is 9 weeks- This does not a happy
Mandy make. Of course, this waiting till Jan.15 thing only
applies if Josh doesn't show up, cause if that happens we
might have to pack up and run like hell. His roommate
called Tiff and said that Josh wasn't coming up to NH today
like he had planned, but he said something about coming up
next weekend. That doesn't worry me, though, because Tiff
will be with me next weekend, and we'll most likely be with
the guys. Which means Josh would have to be utterly
retarded to try anything, if he could even remember where I
live. I'm really bored and lonely right now and I wish I
wasn't here.

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