a little piece of me
2001-11-08 15:36:11 (UTC)

nothing much

grrr. i was gonna walk to class today, cause yesterday the
weather said this was going to be the last nice day for a
while, maybe until spring. so i get up and go outside to
see how it was. it was windy as hell and raining!! what
is the deal with that??? i was (and am) a little peeved.
so, now i have to drive. i only have enough change to park
at the meters for an hour, and i'm sure i will be there at
least 2. i hope i don't get another ticket. i still
haven't paid the last one :D i might to that today.
probably not. lol.

hmmm...oh! last night i was digging around in my drawers
looking for my glue (made something for heather :)) when i
came across a pair of camo pants. i used to love those
things. they were my painting pants. hehe. they are so
worn out and faded and have paint all over them. i love
those things to pieces. i haven't worn them in over 2
years, since i don't wear colors any more, but i might
start wearing them around the house again. they're so

let's see...what else? talked to brett yesterday, of
course. hopefully he will get to call tonight. i sent him
some money to buy a phone card, cause he gets a much better
deal than i do here. i just wish it would hurry up and get
there! actually, i've called him without the card and he's
called me without it, but we can't talk very long cause
that's too expensive. we have this thing we do when we
talk, and i just love it so much. i don't even know if he
notices that we do it, but, well i still like it. it's so
silly, i shouldn't even say it. oh well, i will anyway
(heather, don't tell!!!). every so often when we're
talking, one will just ask the other one 'how ya doin?'.
it's so cute. most of the time it comes outa nowhere.
dont ask why i like that so much, cause i don't know. i
guess cause it's our 'thing'. i don't know. anyway, i
have to get going. i'm going to be late for class!! have
a good day heather!