2001-11-08 14:33:02 (UTC)


2001/11/08 08:27 Thank you Daniel. Thank you very much.
Last night I got to see Bigwig. They bring me much joy.
Sheila likes Bigwig. I even bought a shirt.
Suicide Machines were okay, I know they played at the
Gathering, but I can't recall if I actually saw them
before. They however picked Big Sexy Shawn out of the crowd
and kept saying "JUGGALO... JUGGALO". That was amusing.
I met Shawn's friend Brandon, at last. He talks about this
guy all the time, and those two are hysterical together.
Brandon was a trip, he has a nipple fetish. He kept rubbing
his own and everyone else's. He talked me into a "Show you
mine if you show me yours". No biggie, I have flashed
people before. His was a 8g guiche. That's two guiche in
one week.
Brandon's my new buddy. He says he needs one, since Shawn
is leaving. He has me scared though, he wears a Dark Lotus
mask as a hat and he actually plays Morton's List.
Big Sexy asked me if I wanted to move to Florida. Tempting.
I told him to ask me again next month when it starts to get
cold here. If the next two weeks goes well, I might just do
it. My Grandfather's nephew, Bobby lives there and he says
I am always welcome to stay with him. My aunt and her brood
of Jerry Springer children are there too. So I would have
family there. But no friends. I need some friends in
Jacksonville. Maybe some here will move with me.