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2001-11-08 13:59:30 (UTC)


Wutz yo' point of view on fortication, for those of you who
dont know what it means.. its the subject on SeX before
Marriage...(christian beliefs)

Now, This other friday, our Youth Pastor J was talkin to us
about fortication right? And he was talkin to us about how
we shouldn't have sex before marriage as its a SiN.. blah
blah blah.. BUT what if you've already HAD sex? What
happens to you then? I felt so guilty when he was talkin to
us about it and I had alot of questions to ask him, but
felt... ashamed to ask him infront of the whole youth group
as they would know that I had sex before marriage. Do you
repent to God and ask him to forgive you then everything is
sweet again? Do you have to stop EVERYTHING until you get
married (which will be a long way away for me as even Caleb
is too chicken to ask me.. lol) Is foreplay allowed? What
is allowed and what isn't allowed?? If we had to stop
EVERYTHING (apart from pashing) then HeLL, I'd be soooo
bored to death in ANY relationship I got involved in.
Plus, what if temptation comes along, I feel that I get
tempted real easily when it comes to ... you know.. LOL
ESPECIALLY if i was drunk (even tho I dont drink
anymore... "part of the reason why I stopped*) A couple
came up to me (quite awhile ago) and asked me alot of
questions on what they can do and what they CAN'T do... i
mean.. my beliefs in God are very strong and i thank him
each and every day for giving me life and for walking with
me everyday. But when the subject of sex comes up, I'm
cLUeLeSS about the whole thing. Its funny that no-one
usually brings it up in church or do sermens on it. I
dunno, this whole thing confuses me...

PS:: UNITY BOYZ CAN'T HANDLE!!! lllooonnnggg story.. i
like that urrrgghhh carcar