Hiro Protagonist

Life and Times of a pre-occupied mind
2001-11-08 13:40:50 (UTC)

Is you is?

Day 3

So, I have one more day of teacher training...damn what a
bore..I have all the experience I need, but it is required
of me to attend this week training to have the job...sigh.
I swear I taught a better lesson than the trainers example
lesson. Well, what are ya gonna do? I respect the company
in a way..It was nothing 9 months ago..now it is
skyrocketing while everything else in Japan is going to the
I rubbed skin lotion on my pregnant wifes belly this
evening... If any of you out there have ever done something
like that...well, let me tell you its great. As the man,
its like I did my job, and now I watch it all from the
peanut gallery for nine months...At least with the lotion, I
can get close to my baby..I even feel (her) kick sometimes
like she is saying "Careful with the rubbing pressure
asswipe, Im gonna burst!"
Or something like that.
Babies can be cool