ergot and the ju ju queen

antipodean delights...
2001-11-08 12:00:38 (UTC)

"the hitch hiker" - via SMS

Sent to ergot, via sms, while he was driving:

"The Hitch-Hiker"

JJQ SMS: "He saw the young woman hitch-hiking on the corner
ahead. She looked lost, almost like she was willing him to
stop and pick her up. He slowed the truck...

JJQ SMS: She opened the door, smiled up at him, and started
to climb up into the truck. He caught a glimpse.. a flash
of flesh as her skirt fell open..

JJQ SMS: He cleared his throat, and asked "So.. where are
you headed?" She smiled, shrugged, and said "wherever the
road takes me I guess.."

JJQ SMS: She leaned forward, her blouse gaping open as she
turned the radio on & started humming to the tune. His
breath caught at the sight of her full, round breasts..

JJQ SMS: As she leaned back, she looked across at him, and
they watched each other.. slowly smiling.. reading each
other..knowing.. and then she giggled..

ergot SMS: he he

JJQ SMS: He couldn't take his eyes off her smile.. "You are
beautiful," he said.. reaching out to touch her face. She
turned to him, and slid her hand up his thigh..

JJQ SMS: He could feel himself growing harder.. as her hand
momentarily brushed against his cock.. seemingly innocent..
yet the smile on her face betrayed her.

JJQ SMS: She didn't say a word, just slowly moved her hands
to the buttons of his jeans.. & one by one, undid them.
Until her hands were on his cock, her touch gentle..

JJQ SMS: His breathing came faster, he tried to concentrate
on driving. He was in the middle of busy traffic, with this
woman's hands caressing his dick...

JJQ SMS: She leaned across so her mouth was against his ear
& she whispered, "let me show how thankful I am.." & then
softly bit his earlobe, and moved her head down..

JJQ SMS: He was so aroused, aching to feel her lips on him
& when he felt her warm breath on his cock, he softly
moaned. He felt her hot tongue lick the tip of his cock

JJQ SMS: His hips moved slightly, pushing his dick further
into her mouth. She slowly slid her lips down, taking all
of him into her mouth, & she started to suck..

JJQ SMS: The lights ahead turned red.. he braked hard just
in time. A truck pulled up in the lane beside him, cars all
around. "fuck.." he was sweating, she kept sucking

JJQ SMS: He could feel her tongue as she sucked and moved
her mouth up and down his shaft.. he couldn't hold it much
longer. She knew it, & gently squeezed his balls..

JJQ SMS: "Ohhh fuck me.." as she took all of him deep into
her mouth.. to the back of her throat.. he felt his cock
throb, & he started to come.. shoot into her mouth..

JJQ SMS: He jerked his hips with the force of his orgasm &
she took it all. What seemed minutes later, she sat up,
smiling up at him, licking her lips.."well fuck me!"

JJQ SMS: Together, they started giggling & then she leaned
into him, kissing him quickly yet thoroughly on the
lips.. "& that, ergot, is how you give Aussie head!"

JJQ SMS: He laughed.. put his arm around her.. and turned
the truck around.. "Let's get out of here, juju.. there's a
few things I need to teach you.." The End..

ergot SMS: Wow!

JJQ SMS: hehe :) Just for you, ergot..

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Drive carefully, ergot.. two hands on the wheel..

JuJu xx