De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-11-08 10:42:14 (UTC)

Blasting to the Final Frontiers!!

Thursday 8/11/2001

ladies and gentlemen... i'm 1 paper to completion!!
woohooo..... today's paper was tough though... AI...
sighz... it was a tiring 3 hours paper... and the
questiohns set were all topics which the lecturer breezed
past ... kindof lack the motivation to fill in the 30 pages
script... dun think i'll do that well..but heck.. much work
has been done for this course anyway....

when this week's over.. i'll be settling lotsa admin for
the 2nd half of my stay here... i'll definately need to get
a flat over the summer..and hopefully it can last beyond
till next july... luke's helpin me ask his friend..and
Finley has offered his flat for the options are
open..which is good...

prob gotta meet up with the company soon to discuss the
details... this is becoming more of a things-to-do entry
than a journal...sorreee

well next week will be the final week of stay at Weir
House... really sad to see people leaving one by
one....hopefully we can live next week to the fullest and
enjoy watever time we have with the rest b4 they disappear

really, this shound;t be an entry to the journal...but i'm
juz feelin happy that the prolonged exam is endin soon!!