It's Been A Foxy~ Day
2001-11-08 10:33:56 (UTC)

Revenge...Bitter and Sweet rolled into one

Well, this has turned out to be a very interesting
week indeed and it's not even over yet! I'll start with on
Friday, the day that Candace was supposed to come on plane
from NY and Jason was going to take me. Jason did show up,
late and with some chick that he just met online. Strange,
I'm his girlfriend and he's bringing new girls around. I
didn't do nothing about it because I wanted to see what was
done. We finally find Candace and while I'm talking to
this chick, Jason kept trying to touch me. I kept moving
away because I was beyond pissed for him being late. I'm
loyal to the friends that I've known longer. That's the
reason I defend Jason to Steph, but when it comes to
Candace, I'm fighting dirty with ANYONE.

Later on the next day, I decide to sneak into his
email. Something that Candace showed me how to do under
your screen name and you can check it all. This chick
emailed him twice and told him how she liked him and all
this. He emailed her back saying that he was single. HHMM,
then what did all those "I love you" "Will you marry
me" "Will you live with me" mean? I still haven't done
anything, but I did IM this girl. She's mad because he
played her too, but we're both mad at him. She confirmed
that they did sleep together, so we're going to do
something about it.

Just one problem right now. He thinks he's in trouble
because I told him that I had to talk to him about
something. He knows that something is up, even thought
that he got me pregnant. Even if I did ever get pregnant
wtih his child, I would lie to him and say that it's not
his. Matter is, he's jacked. He just lost one of his
closest friends that he cared for dearly. Most of the
times I watched him do this to chicks. So why in the hell
did I believe that he wouldn't do it to me when I knew that
he was more than capable of doing it too? I guess this is
karma biting me in the @$$ for cheating all those years.
That's all right though, he's getting it back times a
thousand. I'm the WRONG person to do this to.

Mood- I'm actually in a pretty good damn mood!
Song- Lifehouse "Only One"