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2001-11-08 08:59:30 (UTC)

Too damn late

Color of the moment: mountain dew code-red.
Emotion of the moment: BEYOND FRUSTRATED.

I'd like to find out who is the moron who opens the dryers
in my building and does not close them, leaving me with
three loads of soaking wet laundry at 3 am and no more
quarters. I hope whoever it was falls in a hole. A deep
one. I mean, when I need to use a dryer, I even FOLD the
other people's clothes..... and people don't have the
decency to CLOSE THE DAMN DOOR??? I hate humans.
It is late, I have a ton of homework, and I am not
motivated. Somebody shoot me.... I feel utterly hopeless.
I have gotten to the point where my bodily systems are so
screwed up that I can't distinguish when I am hungry to when
I am tired. Right now I am both, and it sucks.
I am in no mood to be kind today, or even eloquent. If
you can't beat 'em, join 'em, is how the saying goes, and if
I cannot transcend all these stupid human beings, then I
shall speak like them.

I need a good song to play when folding laundry.
I hate netscape with a fiery passion.
Nobody sent me email. I feel alone.
I am hungry. I am lazy. This is a terrible combination
because I am too lazy to get up and get food, and
consequently I get hungrier, and this makes me tired. The
more tired I am, the more lazy I get. It's a vicious
The guy I'm seeing hasn't talked to me in days. Both of us
are busy, and it sucks. I need a male slave. A hug slave.
Sometimes, you just need a good guy hug and there is no one
F**k it. I'm going to go throw something, fold laundry, do
work, and go to bed.
maybe i won't go to bed.
FKUC it all. some days just suck, i guess. turns me into a
blathering idiot.


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