Damsel in Distress

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2001-11-08 07:39:51 (UTC)


well, he picked me up, and it was really sweet, although i
feel bad he wasnt tony. anyways, he was really polite, yet
he was kinda boring. all he kept talking about is computers
because he is a computer programmer so he kept bringing up
work. he is just a sweetie, but nothing clicked. we went to
the movies. he picked the movie, Monsters Inc. it sucked. i
didnt really want to see it and it was retarded the only
part i liked was that the little girl looks exactly like me
when i was younger except i have green eyes not brown. he
hugged me good night and that was it.

TONY on the other hand is someone i really click with and i
really get along with. with tony, i am completely
comfortable. tony is just the guy i have always wanted.
tony is everything i have ever wanted in a guy. he is very
affectionate and he rough houses a lot. he is just the man
i want to marry one day. right now, we cannot get married
it is way too soon to get married because i have to finish
school. i have lots of school to come. i am majoring in
journalism and communications. anyways, i really like tony,
and i want him to move with me to san diego. tony is my
prince charming although he has all the facial hair he is
still my tony. i could care less what he looks like, it is
totally his personality that i really love. he is just a
very caring person.
if you want to email me my email is
[email protected]
-damsel in distress