as the Oval turns
2001-11-08 07:38:41 (UTC)


Song of the Day: Evan and Jaron - "Crazy for This Girl"

Well, I've been thinking about it for a while, and I'm about
to get off the creamy crack...I'm going for natural hair. I
don't think I've seen my real hair before, truthfully, as
it's always either been permed, pressed, or braided...
usually the first two. And at least perming, and to a
lesser extent pressing, really dries out the hair and
scalp. Man, I know my hair's pretty soft now, so I
can't imagine how it'll be once I grow out enough of
this perm.

And, I'm getting off of meat too. I used to be a
vegetarian, and I physically had more energy when I wasn't
eating meat. So I'm going to get off of it. Well, at least
I'll start with getting off of pork and red meat.

I don't think I'm doing too much at one time, or not being
myself. I think that too often, I worried about what others
thought of me. I remember freshman year when Pacey was
talking about liking females with long the time I
had medium-length hair but it had a lot of split ends so it
had to get cut. I saw pictures of his ex-girlfriend, who at
the time had a long frizzy weave in her hair. Her hair was
okay when I did meet her, but she was definitely not off the
relaxers. Then, I mean, Esther and the Giggly Girls?
They're all Asian, although Esther puts some kind of
straight perm in her hair to straighten it further. Yet I'd
been cutting my hair more and more since I met the dude,
starting back in May, I think(?)...wishing that it would
grow back enough that I could perm it and be a "Yes!" girl.
No more. The funny thing is, I don't think about Pacey like
I used to, so it's a non-issue to some extent. Part of me
would be like "I wonder what Pacey's going to think," but
it's stupid b/c as far as I know he doesn't like me anyway.
And, even if he did, it doesn't matter b/c it's my hair, and
in addition, we are not together so he has no place to think
or say a darn thing.

I'll tell you about a new political venture I'm a part of
tomorrow :)