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2001-11-08 05:56:24 (UTC)

I Can't Handle This Anymore

Ok so I go through Steve. I'm still dealing with that
becuase things are so rough for him right now he needs me
to be that close friend I always have been. That has not
been easy at all. The there's the stuff with Mike. Pretty
much took advantage of me being vulnerable. I still feel so
bad about that. I can't believe I was like that. I didn't
know I could be. Then this guy. I decide to finally trust
somoene again a few months after Steve. Now I'm getting
lets just be friends. And before Steve there was Mr. I'm
going to become a marine and later end up in a foreign
country so you lose your friend and anything else you had.
He didn't even say goodbye he just stopped talking to me. I
have such a great track record.I so want to cry and you
know what he's more than likely to think that I am some
freak or something.I mean he meeets me, he talks to me on
the phone, we go out once and he I freak out when he tells
me just friends. If I were him I'd think that I was a
freak. Why the hell does this happen to me? All I want is a
normal relationship.

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