even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-11-08 05:07:19 (UTC)


so i got my red shoes today, im really exited, im super
pumped, and i want to wear them for a really long time...
today i think was a good day.. i babysat my next door
neighbor for like, 3 hours or 4 hours and made 25 bucks...
thast good, i'll have a little more cash for dallas, gas
and such, like always... im talking to josh, only im not...
i think i make him uncomforatble sometimes... i hope not..
iand you knwo, this i..ive been tinkign baout this for a
while... i don;t think mike likes me very much, and i know
that essentially, it doesn;t matter, but it kind of does..
like, id on;t knwo why.. but i want miek to like me.. not
like LIKE me, but... i want the apporval, you know? and
maybe its in my head, or maybe its just how he is, but it
kinda makes me sad, i feel rejected, even though i don;t
think thats really whats happeneing.. maybe im just
choosgin one person to be like, ahhh.. i don;t know.. but
its been occupying at least a chunk of my thoughts
everyday... not en.. well, definitly the last 3 ro four
days, everyday... maybe i just suck, i think that might be
it.. id on;t know.... so.. i was gonna talk about joslein
and sam... but id ont; knwo if i really want to... i think
that highschool dating politics are totally bullshit.. i
think im goign to opt to stay out... i mean, if the
oputunity arises, i don;t knw thta i will turn it down,
but... i eman.... its crap... i don;t really want to get
involved with the whole.. ehhh.. i don;t kwo what to do
stuffo, cause i see hwat it does to my friends, and
consequently me.. you know? and i dont want to put myself
in that situation... also... i notice that alot of kids my
age are like, im sad... i need a girl/boy, that will amke
me happy, but it wont... you need to be happy with you
before a boy/girl can make you happy... and even then, you
just shoudl be happy, and if your happy, the boy/girl will
only help, not be the cause of the happieness.. i ahet to
revert to the void thoery, but... waht the hell...