the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
2001-11-08 04:29:10 (UTC)

tragedy in progress

have you ever heard of Clifty Falls?

well its a state park me,josh ,geoff,and david went up
there and we were fine until it started getting dark....we
ended up taking a trail that took us to the other side of
the park and josh and david cant see in the its
pitch black and we are trying to find our way through the
park ....then its gets to the point that we can barely see
our hands in front of our faces and there is a
bridge....well im holding josh's hand trying to lead him
b/c he cant see for shit....he misses the bridge and falls
atleast 10 feet then i fell on top of him because i lost my
balance ...needless to say we are both soaked and he busted
his knee we finally made it out of the woods but we
didnt have any clue as to where we were...but we managed to
find the north entrance to the park
so we turned around heading back into the park...since we
were on road we figured hey good right? the sign that we
saw wasnt for that road so we ended up on some back road
that led to no where and had to turn around again
we saw a house so we went to get directions ....went out to
the high way walked down the the actual entrance and
started around the park ....walking in the dark and we were
freezing as well...not to mention josh and i were still wet
and we were almost positive he was bleeding....
walk walk walk walk walk
we had atleast 5 cars pass us

we had walked for about an hour and a half when the park
ranger found us and said that hed been looking for us since

all in all an eventful night right? ha!

im not done!!!!! my friend david missed his flight by 2
hours and has to fly out tomorrow morning and if the
mananger doesnt feel sorry for him then he'll have to pay
another 100 dollars

hope every one of you had a better night
love all

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