Tainted Perception
2001-11-08 04:25:18 (UTC)

Cry out and shout...... or not

I had to clean my room yesterday. That was hell. But I
wasn't allowed to do anything else until my room was
spottless. In any other case, I would have just thrown
everything in my closet like I usually do when I clean my
room... but mom went in my room and opened my closet
door... and bam. Told me to clean my closet out. I could
have been a smart ass and thrown everything that was
stuffed in my closet back on my floor but... I'm not a
smart ass... I'm a wimp.
I think the reason why I try to delay cleaning my closet,
is because, quite frankley... it scares me. I'm not joking.
But it's not so much the monsters that could be inside,
rather the ones on the outside. The closet covered in long
and wide mirrors. I can't fucking stand mirrors. You always
see something in them that you don't see around you... then
ofcourse.. you always see yourself which is scary enough.
This morning... sarah's dog got loose, and we had to chase
him for so long that we were late for school. Darn.
I got a cazillion reviews.. because I have like tests in
all my classes this friday, being the end of the quater in
Someone pulled the fire drill while I was in study. Someone
pulled it twice on halloween. I heard from a teacher that
is costs $500 for every pull. The school had to pay $1000
dollars just so some morons could get out of class and
freeze in the cold for like 10 minutes before going back in
and getting lectured. I think it's an all lose situation.
After school, sarah and I went to the first meeting for the
schools "SADD" group. *students against destructive
decisions*. Last year, the people in this group mocked how
many people die in drunk driving accidents in one day. The
average says that one person dies every 32 minutes, so
every 32 minutes, a member of SADD died... inother words..
they wore a black shirt, carried a rose... and couldn't
take notes, do work, or answer questions in class... Can
you say... hell yeah?
I know this wasn't the intential purpose of that certain
activity, it's just in added bonus. But the initial purpose
is just as cool. It shows people that because of stupid
thinking and drunk driving, the people you know, that you
think will never go away could suddenly be killed because
someone was drinking and driving and didn't think it could
happen to them. I think it's a powerfull message.... don't
drink and drive.

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