Nick's Journal
2001-11-08 04:09:28 (UTC)

Michael Jackson Background Music

I like to go through my mornings with as little awareness
as possible. I don't put on my glasses until my teacher
starts speaking in my first class. I like the fact that
I'm like a fetus in the morning. Curled in a small,
confined, warm, space, barely able to see out of my eyes.
My limbs so tired that they simply lie where they are.
Shivering I emerge from my little makeshift womb, and my
eyes are blinded by the glare of the day's light. I let
out a wail as Dave cuts my umbilical cord and spanks my
bottom .....hhhhmmmmm maybe I took that too far.
-- Michael Jackson may be a molesting, perverted, homo-
sexual pedophile, but I still like two of his songs, and if
that makes me a molesting, perverted, homo-sexual pedophile
then so be it! Billie Jean and Man in the Mirror. Those
songs sorta have this ring to them. Imagine if you had
those two songs as your background music to life. Or just
imagine you were me (today). They resonerated (sp.)
through my brain and caused me to go into a Michael Jackson
induced insanity. I walked to class to the tune of billie
jean.....i glided across the drill field, on hand securely
placed over my crotch, ready to jerk it up at the nearest
female. I slide up next to a nice young lady and tried
my 'check this out i can do what michael jackson does' and
after that I no longer have to worry about a vasectomy.
although that didn't phase me for I had the rest of the day
ahead of me. I broke a window in the pamplin hall, as I
let out a piercing wail when i got my acis test back. I
couldn't help but moonwalk down to the coke machine and
tear that piece of shit limb from limb with a crow bar. I
then tried to befriend a minority, but then quickly
moonwalked my ass out of that situation when i realized i
was trying to befriend a french-canadian midget, and not
even i would go so low.
Now as for man in the mirror i still think that he
says "shamu" (a la the whale at sea world, or maybe not but
that's what i picture). so as i walked down the sidewalks
i pictured whales doing the twist to "i'm a believer" by
the monkees, but then i realized that it was just a bunch
of the sbarro's butch dykes.......ahahahahahahahaha, now
give me my fucking cheese pizza.
---- Oh and Nick's type of the day : How to have fun with
your computer learnings group. Walk in room with broken 3
1/2 inch disk containing years worth of work and ask "Are
floppy disks supposed to snap in half like this?" It's
worth the incisors.