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2001-11-08 03:56:33 (UTC)


Yea for me being deskie of the month :) How awesome is
that! WOO!!! I'm excited....I just had 3 meetings...from
8-11 I have been meeting meeting meeting....But FINALLY I
am done!!!! I have to study now of course, but thats good
right? Then I'm going to watch temptation island...and
then its off to bed. I did get to do Yoga today though :)
That was great! I havent been able to do it in like 3
weeks, but ahhh....finally!! It was fantastic :) And
you'll all be glad to know, brian and I are on our way to a
much better/healthier relationship :) I am much
happier :) Hopefully we can work out all of the glitches
and be the best we have ever been!!! :) yea!!! Alright
well I better go before my mushy brain falls out of my
head :) I have to go learn some Anthropology.....bleah!!
But really, I havent found studying(even 4 dyas of spending
hours at the library) to be very helpfull....