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2001-11-08 03:53:38 (UTC)


Greetings! You are reading the words of a bald woman! I am
not really bald its just that I cut like 14 in. of my hair
off today and am sending the majority of it to locks of
love in Flordia. This is the second time I have doen this,
I feel like this is my way to thank God for giving me such
beautiful unique hair. I was so nervous as our good friend
Tony the hair dresser turned on the razor and started the
process! My hands were dripping and my pulse was so high I
was just sure I could see my heart beating through my shirt
but it was ok and I like my new SHORT hair. I am very glad
I did it and I would incourage anyone w/ 10 in. of hair to
spare to do the same thing. All you have to do is get on and get a form and then mail your
hair! This is the big news of the day the other news is
that one of my friends has been seemingly ignoring me and
another friend! I am not sure why but if she reads this I
would love for her to tell me so we don't have to walk
around in silence. It is very awkard, unconducive, and
superflous. The last thing is how much fun I had w/ Tiffani
today! We got my scalping then we went back to her house
and fixed my hair in different ways and laid around then
went to Wal-mart. I realize that we are all stressed to
death and that w/ grades, jobs, familes, and college things
can get pretty hostile so if we could all get along with
EVERYONE and not pick favorites I think it would be
adventagous to all of our last months together.