Diary of a dope fiend.....
2001-11-08 03:45:50 (UTC)

another day...

Ok..so heres whats been going on.. my Bf is mad at me cause
i didnt tell him something and instead of telling me about
it....he avoids me, but i finally got to talk to him and he
said hed get over it in time, but right now hes not talking
to me. i guess things are akward or something. anyways he
told me he still loved and cared about me so thats good :)
ok..Theres this guy i met at an Anime con a while ago and
have been talking to online since then i went with him to
see Rocky horror.. one night and we didnt get in cause we
were late and the people there wouldnt let us in so we hung
out at a coffee house till about 7 in the morning... the
next night we tryed again and got to see it this time..it
was ok i guess the acting was horrible but i had fun... got
me out of the house. the next day online he told me he
liked me and wanted to kiss me that night but didnt cause
he didnt know if it would scared me away or what. i just
dont like him the way he likes me and i have a bf so yeah.
He asked me out on a date i had to tell him no. hes a nice
guy and all but just no attraction there...no chemistry or
whatever. and besides im in love with someone :) its a
great feeling sometimes, but sometimes the saying " love
hurts" is true. oh well not much left for me to say so im
going to go find something worth doing to keep myself busy.