Mad Poet's Society
2001-11-08 03:01:09 (UTC)

What's the what....

Quick update. The little one is doing fine, had an awesome
birthday (yay), my ex-asshole is still being the same, my
week at home had some nasty repercussions, resulting in me
tripping (or getting pushed, depends on who you ask) down a
flight of stairs and being in the hospital for a bit.
Otherwise, I'm fine. My leg healed immensely well, got
screws and bits in my ankle now, but life goes on, I guess.
Started dating a new girl back in Septemeber, got engaged
recently, but the ship is not going as well as I'd hoped it
would be. You know? I mean, she's got a two year old
daughter, AND a male fiance along with me, and I am her
fist f/f relationship, and I kind of feel like I am
steering her along the wrong path. I mean, I love her,
goddess knows, but if she doesn't want to be with me I will
not force her. As for the rest of the family, we're all
accountred for after 9/11, stepmother included. Ally and
the boys are doing alot better, and Mom and Dad seem to be
approving of Lithos, goddess knows why. I mean, he has a
girlfriend, but he flirts shamelessly with Ally, not that
SHE minds any or does anything to stop it. I love Ally to
death, but this is just...wrong. *hugs* Love everyone.