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2001-11-08 02:43:36 (UTC)

More News

K, called home tonight and got the whole "Phil ran into S
speil" Yes, thanks I know, he called me. But so anyways,
apparently he's practicing with the Petes and I'm all like
"He didn't tell ME this" so I'm asking him next time I talk
to him. Wouldn't that be cool though? Not exactly like
having him back on the team yet at the same time... I know,
I'm a dork.
Ok so have I mentioned how much I loathe the Registrar's
office? I applied for this bursary awhile back and it says
to provide proper receipts to show expenditure and crap so I
went in with a copy of the rent and all that and asked them
what else I needed and stuff and they said nothing. But
today I get an email telling me to get my ass in there with
receipts if I want any shot at a bursary. Is it a
prerequisite to have to be stupid to work in a Registrar's
Office or what?
Anyways that's about it cuz this is my third entry today.
I'm listening to Britney Spears' new cd which I got today.
It's pretty good.

Current mood: exhausted
Current music: "I Love Rock & Roll"- Britney Spears

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