The Nine Faces of Dave
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2001-11-08 02:43:11 (UTC)

this portion of the Grand Ole Opry is brought to you by the Cracker Barrel

I was sitting in Yearbook class today, when I heard the
unmistakeable sound of country music coming from the back
room. Sure enough, somebody was listening to CDs on the
computer while they "worked."
This got me thinking about country and what it means to
like country music. As near as I can tell, it carries a
certain social stigma. The response to it at school seems
rather mixed: some people are big country fans, others hate
it, and people like me (note: there aren't any) are fairly
neutral. I only have issues with contemporary country; I
like the old stuff, Roger Miller, Hank Williams, etc.

So anyway, I found something that I sort of have in common
with some people at school. What's strange, though, is that
despite the fact that there are bigger fans of country music
at school, I'm 95% certain that I'm the only one in my class
who's ever been to the Grand Ole Opry. That doesn't seem to
garner any extra respect among the country fans (could be
they're not aware), so maybe the Opry isn't cool in the
modern country scene.

That is all.