Electric monkey
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2001-11-08 02:37:46 (UTC)

11-07-01 [i wanna be a backup chior singer for micheal jackson]

ive come to that decision. =) yay. ive got a lot of Micheal
jackson songs on my win-amp list now. woohoo. er,
graham is mad at me though. for a couple songs i downloaded
tonight. = oh well, what music i listen to shouldnt
matter, right? right! he should know that, but i have a
feeling he doesnt know that. too bad, if its really a big
issue what music i listen to, then i guess he'll either
have to deal with it... or yeah. not i guess. whatever that
i dont think its a big deal though. but he sounded quite
disgruntled on the phone. guess ill find out.
well off i go for now.