Joselin The Mexican
2001-11-08 02:18:14 (UTC)


My head is a mess right now, i don't know what i think or
how i feel. You would think these things are basic and
obvious, right? But no, they are not, atleast not in my
case. Why i'm i writing this, who would want to hear my
self absorbed dribble? NOBODY. but i still wirte,for myself
i guess. Sometimes i even feel i'm going to start talking
to myself in third person... Like this:
"You see, joselin, i have this problem... It has to do
with YOU. You say you know what you want but really you
don't. So then why do feelings of jealosy and "neediness"
seem to stur up inside you when you see him look at her, if
you don't even know what you feel... does it matter?"
because we'll find out soon, don't worry, then the sky in
your head will clear up once again...