*blank stare*
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2001-11-08 02:10:45 (UTC)

There's not much in this world cuter than a ball of fur with feet

Just got back from my Aunt Sandi's house down the street
(They wanted to watch Dawson's Creek, and I just can't
lower my already minimal level of self-respect to watch
that teenybopper show), where I went to see my cousin
Allie's new puppy Kayda. I can see why dogs are the best
commrades of males- that puppy had 4 girls fawing over it.
To any male reading this having girl trouble, get a puppy,
or any dog for that matter. The go sit at a park or a beach
with your new date-getter on legs. Problem solved. I,
personally, would rather have the dog minus the male owner.
Of course, a dog has to wait till I'm in Florida.

Gee I just got some good news. Apparently Tiff's ex-fiancee
Josh has been calling her up and harassing her, and now he
says he's driving from his base in Virginia tomorrow to go
to Concord and "teach her a lesson". Jon may have some
compition it seems.
So help me, if that guy so much as lays a finger in a
harmful way on my sister, the house is coming down. If the
cops dont want to do anything, then I'll find some people
who will use baseball bats and shanks instead of court
orders and handcuffs. NO ONE harms my friends and family,
and Tiff is the closest to both that I have. This motivates
me a lot more as far as the move goes.
I'm a lot less inhibited about going as I was earlier,
even earlier today. I did a lot of thinking after my last
entry and I think now that it will be better this way, at
least for the guys, if not myself as well. My other friends
here- Maria, Noah, Eric, Kat, and the Portsmouth Crew- I
doubt my leaving will make much difference to any of them,
one way or the other. I know that Maria and I are going to
miss each other like mad- we've been extremely good friends
for nearly 13 years. Friendships established in
kindergarten which also managed to stand the test of time
are not easily forgotten. But hopefully, someday she'll
save up enough money so she can come down and join us. A
lot of my other friends I'm not nearly as close to as I
used to be, and while this saddens me, it does make things
easier. Noah and I used to be attatched at the hip
practically, and now if I see him twice a month I count
myself lucky.
But as far as the guys go, maybe this will help things. If
my moving ends the way we are, as it will at least for me
since I wont even be here, thats one thing. It's entirely
another for them to get destroyed. Things with Mike and I
are already wierd, and for some reason Jon keeps thinking
things with he and I will as well. I don't want to leave on
bad terms with any of them. None of my old friends from the
RCW (The backyard wrestling federation I used to be
affiliated with- go to www.angelfire.com/nh/RCW if you're
really that interested) gives a damn that I'm going, since
I was declared Persona Non Grata by them quite some time
ago. That's something I'm not gonna touch upon, not now
that my homicidal urges towards Brent are finally beginning
to settle. And I dont give a damn that they dont give a
damn. Most of them can go to hell as far as I'm concerned,
although it makes me feel bad to wish that upon Satan.
But I digress. So I guess what it comes down to now is
that Tiff and I could go to Florida anytime, to get away
from the lunatic. Just hope he doesnt decide to follow us