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2001-11-08 02:08:25 (UTC)

A Buck Doesn't Get You Much

Have you ever spent a lot of money, and had nothing to show
for it? Well, that's not my problem, so forget about it.
I spent about 15% of my total savings today, and you wanna
know what I got for it? I got bandages around both my
legs, a broken bike, a broken walkman, a broken bag, and
the experience of being blind sided by a car.

I was supposed to go to Walnut Creek 24 hour fitness to
workout with Kim, but instead, I got hit by a car as I was
riding down the street, and he was coming out of the
parking lot. Then the police had the odacity to tell me
that it was my fault, because I was IN the cross walk. If
that's not bullshit I dont know what is?

I'm gonna call my lawyer tomorrow and see what he has to
say about it.