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2001-03-21 06:54:19 (UTC)

i yearn for strength. i need..

i yearn for strength. i need it. i see it all around me but
it just happens to keep passing me by. i can talk all i
want but hypocrisy embodies me. horrid facts i must come to
terms with. i tell you to be happy all the while i am not.
i seem stronger than i really am. i show know yearning but
i need it. stuck on situations. i am not capable of much
because thats what i convince myself of. i let myself feel
boggled and dreary but i try to convince you. please don't
leave me. i love you. i know you have gone through things
and all ive been doing lately is causing more problems. o
my selfish ways. please forgive me. keep me sane. mr pyros
man. dont give up your aspirations because you are behind
the others.. stay at your own pace. you love my art and i
love your graff. lets keep it that way. you show me that
passion is something that keeps you going. never stopping
never yielding always moving always thinking. o you are my
looking glass. as i watch you and your ways. as you calm me
and make me see all i need is you to keep me going. peaches
are sweet. o yes! let thy love shine upon me and all. teach
me. show me you know me. let me see the side of you i have
to meet. let me be aware of my companion. as a strength
factor you empower me and let me see. see thee for once.
let me know. put me on! i need some sort of mind boggling
experience to pervade. and let me be curious. always
wondering and wandering. keep me coming back for more. if
you want and all. if not ill be back. i wont let go. ok? as
i hope to see you every morning. let me be near you for
this moment. and if time allows let me love you. ill be by
your side when you need me. even when i'm being a chicken.
=) so let me love you forever and i will make sure to be
your guide to my joyous side. ill let you in my mind and
let you see my soul as i grow older and hope to evolve.