Cocooned in Misery
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2001-11-08 01:54:35 (UTC)


I have yet to complete a song I have been working on for 3
days. Brother stoped me from callng my love on the phone.
He would not get off. Him and his drug shit. I got my drums
back today.. I had left it over my guitarests house. I was
a little happy and then I sat down to play and mother
stoped me! She said it was too late to play.Errr..I miss my
love.. I wish to tell her I love her! Yet mother is on the
phone and for some odd thing it will not let me load aol..
Gods.. Midnight if you are reading this I love you. My day
was ok for the most part. Nothing big happed. I hope I get
to see Midnight at the bookstore tomorrow. Thats the only
time we can realy be free together on school days. She is
helping me alot. And I am helping her. Together we can make
it past all the hard times that has been laid apon us.
Err.. Mother is trying to unpug the comp now I must go..
May life bless you all for I have been blessed with love.
My love Midnight.