2001-11-08 01:34:17 (UTC)

what do i do

this is my first online journal i do not know exactly how
excited i am to have an online journal for everyone to
read. it kind of scares me to some extent. i am not sure
why it does but it does. i have alot of things to talk
about but i won't bore you with all of them here at once.
its been a very long very hard two week and it's still
getting hard for me. some days i feel like screaming at
the world at everyone i come incontact with but i don't i
have two very good friends i can come to with my troubles
and another one i am learnig to trust. i am not sure how
to go about telling you all whats in my mind right now. as
you might now i ramdamaly type this thing out so it may or
may not make a whole lot of sence to you all. if it
doesn't make a whole lot of sence to you don't mind it
then. what is it that makes me what to publish an online
journal. I do not know for sure just a friend of mine said
an online journal says it helps her to be a happer person.
i am not so sure about that. as you might see i don't
spell real well nore do use many capulital letters. its
not getting easier as i type. i do not know what to talk
about here if anyone knows anything give me idea's.