Damsel in Distress

2001-11-08 01:27:06 (UTC)


i really like tony. i am afraid to get hurt by him. i
havent told him how i feel, and i am afraid to tell him
how i feel because i want to get close to him. i want a
long term relationship, but he does not want what i want.
he wants someone to hang out with. i am afraid to get hurt,
but i know this is something i have to do because if i dont
then i will regret it. i will always wonder what could have
been between us, but if i do i will know what could have
happened. i just want him so badly and i want it to be
serious. i know he is afraid of commitment because he
thinks he will be tied down, but with me it will be
different. i am not like other girls, and i do not need him
there every second. i just want him there when i need him.
i know i cannot come on too strong, but i want to tell him
how i truely feel. i will have to down play it though, for
i think i am in love with him. i have never said i love you
to anyone ever before. i told him i really cared about him
as a friend, now i just have to tell him i care about him
more than a friend. life is so confusing.
-damsel in distress