Dani Clare

Her World...The Diary of Dani Clare
2001-11-08 00:50:53 (UTC)

A Typical Winter Wednesday

I am sat here, late at night, with my thick, warm dressing
gown on, my hair tied roughly back, and a mug of hot
chocolate at my side. It's my favourite drink for when I
spend my nights sat on here. :)
I did not come online till around half past nine, as Chris
had sent two text messages to my mobile phone. Though he
was in away mode when I came on, and he still is now. I
really miss him and want to talk to him. I just hope he
isn't ill; he had been complaining about a sore throat
yesterday and I do not want him getting worse! I think
everybody I know has seemed to pick up an illness recently.
I guess it's just due to the time of year. I walked from
Senior School to Lower at the end of fifth lesson, and when
I eventually sat down in media studies my ear was really
aching. That is the one disadvantage of my favourite season.
There is not much to write about today really, as it has
just been a particularly normal Wednesday. In Winter. Or at
least that is what it seems like. I had to endure triple
English this morning. The first lesson was Othello as usual
(though I think the play is actually getting quite good...)
and two lessons of another Janet Frame extract which we
need for coursework. I then had a sociology lesson, then
lunch, and then fifth lesson free, in which I roamed the
school talking with Mel and Carla as Rachel and Hayley had
gone home to collect some books Rachel had forgotten. After
that we had media studies again, and we planned more of
our 'movie'. I'm in charge of drawing up the storyboard
pictures now seeing as I have the natural artistic ability
out of the three of us. Now all we have to do is write a
script and film the whole thing. It is really going to be
good. Well the result will be, at least!
I watched more television again earlier this evening while
sat at the table analysing a three-minute scene of Scary
Movie for my media presentation that I missed. Jerry
Springer and Ricki Lake were on again. I love those shows,
even though most of Jerry is obviously set up and can, a
lot of the time, be over the top. Today's episode was
another cheater episode. By watching Jerry, Ricki and
Maury, and seeing how many cheating guys there are, it kind
of puts you off a bit. But then when you see the fat freaks
and shemales and trailer-trash kissing cousins, one would
think, 'Nah. I'm normal.' It is a good laugh anyway. And
then, after I received Chris's text messages, I came
online, to find he wasn't there. :( I should be able to
talk to him tomorrow anyway. I love him to death no matter
what. It just feels weird, as there has been no dialogue
between us all night.
As I glance beside me, I realise that my hot chocolate has
now vanished, and if I peer into the mirror I will notice
that my eyes are tired and quite dark, and will be like big
black bags in the morning if I do not get any sleep now. It
is quarter to one in the morning, and when I write when I
am very tired, I babble on about the silliest things...
So I must go now. I shall write as soon as possible. :)

Love & Beauty,
Dani Clare

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