2001-11-08 00:20:50 (UTC)

Bad Day

I'm now listening to this song by Fuel... But the more I
listen to it, the more I realize that, It can never be a
bad day, when I can think about you. Waiting for the next
time i can see your smile, or watch your eyes light up and
laugh. Maybe I'm just too tired for it all today, or maybe
life's just weird like that. Isn't it strange, how you can
turn my life around, and you dont even try to? And I bet
you dont even know how happy you make me. All i know, is
that I can never be sad, when I know that somebody,
somewhere out in the big world, might be thinking about me
too. And their day might be a little bit better, because I
am thinking about them.

Now you've got me watching your eyes
You've got me waiting just to see
If you'll ever look at me
If it goes the way it never will
You're eyes will watch me

I just wanna be someone
Someone who stands out in the crowd
I just wanna be something
And mean something to someone