I cannot believe this is my life.
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2001-11-08 00:11:11 (UTC)


Whats the damn point of talking shit on someone you hardly
know? I mean, come on! Erica and Maryl contantly bad mouth
Ian, calling him a loser, etc. They know its going to hurt
Brandi, and they dont give a fuck. Erica is thinking about
ending her relationship with Brandi because Brandi blows
her off and ignores her. I would do the same thing to Erica
if she called Andrew a loser. My friends suck. I think
they're talking shit on me and Andrew too. I do blow them
off. Simple reasons. Hes my BOYFRIREND! Hes grounded, I
hardly see him except at school, so of course I see him as
much as possible. I dont see anything wrong with that.
Erica says "Ians a loser. He'll never do anything with his
life and hes going to drag Brandi with him." Oh pah. And
Kevin isnt? Erica, you are a bloodless hypocrite. Whoa. I
cant believe I said that. Thats a load off my chest. The
sad thing is, its true.